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Construction procedures for land reclamation and cleaning:
1: Clean the ground:
1. Tools used: dust collector, floor mop, shovel, broom, dustpan, and other cleaning tools.
2. Materials used: dust remover, floor cleaning agent, laundry detergent, dust remover.
3、操作要求:由最里边的卧室沿地面往外清理,有污渍或口香胶时,需用铲刀铲起,用抹布擦净再继 续推尘或清扫拖擦。牵尘罩、抹布要经常用洗涤灵水或洗衣粉水漂洗,干净后继续使用。
3. Operation requirements: Clean from the innermost bedroom along the ground to the outside. When there are stains or gum, use a shovel to pick it up, wipe it clean with a cloth, and then continue to push or clean. Dust covers and cleaning cloths should be rinsed frequently with detergent or detergent water, and should be reused after cleaning.
4. Hygienic standards: No stains, imprints, debris, dead corners, maintain stone glossiness.
二:厨房厕所的除污与消毒:使用酸性清洗剂 ,高效去油剂 ,配合除水垢、除锈、消毒等针对性处理。重污垢配合高压喷射清洗。
2: Cleaning and disinfection of kitchens and toilets: Use acidic cleaning agents, high-efficiency degreasing agents, and targeted treatments such as scale removal, rust removal, and disinfection. Heavy dirt combined with high-pressure jet cleaning.
3: Cleaning of decoration marks: For paint spots, adhesive marks, paint spots, cement blocks, pencil marks and other marks left after decoration, use cleaning balls, professional shovels, thinners, and special cleaning agents to perform fine cleaning treatment.
四:地面和家具保养打蜡: 给地板打腊无论是实木(塑胶)地板,大理石,花岗岩,镜面砖。表面涂上保护蜡,固化后隔绝空气,水,尘,易清洁,防止磨损,专业人员打蜡蜡液分布均匀州苗木  保定电动门 保定空压机 化粪池模具 微型蠕动泵 保定强夯 收费岛模具,厚度适中,亮丽美观,从而起到延长地板寿命的目的。(注:须另收费)
4: Waxing for floor and furniture maintenance: Waxing the floor whether it is solid wood (plastic) flooring, marble, granite, or mirror tiles. The surface is coated with protective wax, which isolates air, water, and dust after solidification, making it easy to clean and prevent wear. Professional personnel distribute the wax evenly, with a moderate thickness and a beautiful appearance, thereby extending the lifespan of the floor. (Note: An additional fee is required)